PowerShark MBR Product Tour

  • Customizable User Management
  • Hosted Solution
  • Single Sign-On

Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods and we can deliver your cargo to any continent you want

Can you assist One

Road Transport

With over 80 trucks in our fleet, road transport is our speciality and best freight option

Short and long distance

Sea Cargo

Majority of our transport is being made with ships, that can carry heavy loads and deliver load anywhere

Most reliable cargo


Our distribution centers serve as hubs and warehouses that span across the whole continent

Fast and cheap option

Rail Freight

With possibility to transport hundreds of wagons at a time, rail freight is quick and efficient freight option

Reliable transportation
Flexible Data Import and Export

Your data can be easily imported from a CSV file.

Data Validations and Resolution

Thorough validations and the power of one-click resolution.

Audit Log

Date and time stamped activity providing accurate historical accounting of your data submissions

Data Review and Approval

Track your MBR data management across multi-users / multi-departments with approval workflow

Customizable User Management

Administrator control of all user access via roles and organizational context.

Hosted Solution

PowerShark MBR runs in a Tier 3 advanced data center to reduce costs

Single Sign-On

Authenticate users to log in via their enterprise credentials 

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